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Picture Compliments of the Black Fatherhood Project



Parenting is hard work. I have experience working with parent/child relationships from infancy through adolescence. I help parents strengthen the parent/child bond as well as to improve cooperation. We will collaborate to identify your goals and develop a plan for how I can best support you. I use several techniques depending on your goals.


  • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): PCIT is a behavioral-based family-oriented therapy designed to enhance the parent/child relationship through interaction. In this modality, parents learn effective techniques to address behavioral issues and improve the parent child bond. My modified approach to PCIT is a great fit for parents of children ages 2-7 looking for more directive support rather than traditional talk therapy.


  • Play Therapy: Play therapy can be a great outlet for children who need to process recent life changes including traumatic events. Depending on the age of the child and the presenting issues I can offer this type of therapy individually or within the parent/child relationship to support the parent in gaining skills to support the child.


  • Parent/Infant Support: Becoming a parent can bring up a lot of thoughts and feelings. I offer prenatal and postnatal support to strengthen the parent infant bond and support your transition to parenthood.


  • Parent/Adolescent Support: Adolescence can be an exciting and stressful time for both parent and teen. This phase of life often requires that parents and teens renegotiate their relationship to make room for teenagers to develop their own identity. I support families as they make this transition and help parents and teens gain skills to foster open communication in a time it is needed most.

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