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I aim to season each session to the unique taste and needs of the client.That said, it is important to note common ingredients I use in my work.

  • Nonjudgmental/Strength Based Stance

Every action has it’s purpose, together we will uncover the function of your behaviors and explore which actions are actively serving you and which actions you wish to replace with something new. We will highlight and draw upon the things that are going well.

  • Relational

The most powerful ingredient of therapy is a warm empathetic presence. I work to build strong alliances with my client’s to support their work.The therapeutic relationship can be a platform for healing old wounds  My work is informed by Psychodynamic Therapy.

  • Attachment Focus

This is based on the belief that we are meant to be in connection with others. Many of our behavioral patterns are born out of attempts to get our needs met. My work is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy. In couples and family work , I look to uncover attachment wounds and fears that are impeding upon connection.


  • Client-Focused

    This means you determine the direction and the goals, and I help to get you there. I will help you draw upon your own wisdom and strengths to meet your goals.

  • Humor/Playfulness

Self exploration can be fun. Laughter and playfulness makes the vulnerability change requires tolerable.

  • Emphasis on Stories

The stories we tell shape the way we think and behave. Often times we are stuck in problem saturated narratives that are too narrow to encompass all the beautiful complexity of life. I work with clients to be mindful of the stories and re-write narratives that are no longer serving them.

  • Systems Informed

Systems are the water in which we swim. They shape the way we think about ourselves and the way we behave. These include our family systems and systems of our culture. I aim to be a culturally sensitive therapist and consider the way systems of power and oppression affect every individual.

  • Developmentally Informed

Many of the challenges we face are a result of normal developmental tasks that accompany various life changes in the individual or family life cycle. I work with clients to tolerate the tension of these challenges and to identify what is a normal part of development.

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